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Our Queen has earned her wings…

Ms. Alice…that’s what we call her at Mission Snuggle. Not only was she the Queen of Laurel Park, she was our queen too. After all, Mission Snuggle was inspired through her servant’s heart to love others…especially children. In the last years of her life she was unable to get up and move around by herself. That did not stop her! She was always positive and loved to laugh. She always made the ones around her feel happy and glad. People gravitated to her. She enjoyed playing BINGO. When she would win she chose a prize in hopes of obtaining a stuffed animal to give to anyone who may visit her. She had so many saved at one point that her roommate’s daughter took them to a battered women’s shelter. This sparked the idea of sending many more here and all over the world. Ms. Alice’s excitement was so contagious that others caught on. So five years later and with many other volunteers we have collected, processed and delivered almost 18,000 “hugs” (stuffed animals)!!! all because one special lady named Alice Juanita Griffith followed Jesus’ example of serving others. Glorifying God through comforting children is what we do. We have learned together that there is no age limit to God’s children.

Once a month we conduct our Mission Snuggle meetings at Laurel Park. Each resident gets to hold a stuffed animal and pour in their love and prayers to the one who will receive it. That is the most important thing. Alice was very excited each month as we held our meetings. We will continue on as she would be delighted knowing that her legacy will continue. We will miss her deeply but know she is with her precious Jesus. Surely when she saw Him for the first time He said, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” We don’t have to say good bye because those of us who know Jesus will be together forever. We love you, Ms. Alice and will see you again.

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September 2014 Hello everyone! As you know this summer we became a recognized official non profit organization. We are very excited at the possibilities that are ahead. With that being said, we are putting things in order to be prepared for whatever may be coming our way. It is with gratitude and great pleasure to introduce to you our board of directors:

President- Erin Kangiser
Vice President- Kacey Kurey
Treasurer- Lisa Henriquez
Secretary- Diana Wynn

We had our first meeting to discuss our current standing and look for other ways to get our heartfelt project out there and working among other things. God is good. He has provided our board members these positions to His glory. Prayerfully we came together to be vessels for him to use to plant the seeds of his love all over the world! God is sure to water them and bring a mighty harvest! We thank each and everyone for their prayers, time and donations. We will be transitioning away from our website and into a blog. We will be adding twitter and Instagram as well as continue posts on Facebook. We look forward to communicating with you through these social media sites. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. Until then…God bless!

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July 2014


BIG NEWS…MISSION SNUGGLE HAS BEEN AWARDED NON-PROFIT STATUS!!! As many of you know, we applied for this designation about a year ago. Now that it is official, any donations, whether material or monetary, are tax deductible. First of all we thank God for this and look forward to what He has in store. We thank all who gave specifically for this purpose. We also thank everyone for your time and prayers. Many people have been a part of this ministry and we appreciate each one you. Thank you! Now get ready…we are just beginning!

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June 2014

Hello there! I know it’s June and we haven’t posted since New Years, but here at Mission Snuggle we have been busy, busy, bees since the start of 2014! God is doing great things with us and so far we have a total of 15,804 and still counting donated “hugs.” It is amazing what He has done for us so far and what He has planned ahead.
Before I talk about what we have done this amazing year, I want to talk about what is in store for the future. Thanks to a little help, throughout August and September, Woodland High School will be hosting a raffle at their home football games to kindly help generate some funds for us to continue refurbishing these little bundles of joys we call stuffed animals. They will also be having a stuffed animal drive that hopefully will bring in a bunch more blessings that we can share to those in need. Speaking of which, please check out our newly updated “Hugs from God” tab, in which you can read on some of the lives we have touched.
Other future plans also include sending “hugs” to not just one, but TWO mission trips. The youth group at First Stockbridge United Methodist Church (FSUMC) will be traveling to Guatamala later this summer, and they will be taking over 50 “hugs” to share with the children. The second mission trip is the youth group from Henry Baptist, and they will be traveling to Ireland in which they will also be taking some “hugs” to share. This just helps to show how we are trying to reach to Churches, and our goal is to supply all Churches in their missions and spread the love worldwide.
Now back to what we have done! It seems like we are constantly called upon God to support our mission by continuously receiving garbage bags full of stuffed animals pre-destined to their new owner. With so many stuffed animals, that has been keeping us busy in all sorts of activities such as sorting, tagging, “hosptalizing” (fixing and stitiching up those with minor “injuries”), and even decorating! It is so awesome by doing something so simple we are able to impact the lives of thousands. But this year, not only have we helped people but we have been fortunate enough to help out some real live furry creatures too. We took those “loved too much” donated “hugs” and gave them to a local pet shelter to share our love even farther!

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January 2014

Happy New Year, Mission Snuggle fans and supporters! We have been blessed again and again with more and more people learning about us and what God is doing here. We are getting close to reaching 15,000 donated “hugs” to date! AMAZING! We would like to thank M.D.Roberts Middle School student council team for collecting over 300 stuffed animals. Way to go! Many of them were sent to Nashville, TN to a remarkable young lady named Heather. She has stage 3 Ovarian cancer herself. But through her heath problems she wants to teach her three children to give back. They are making lollipops and cookies to put into baskets along with the stuffed animals we sent, to give to other families that are going through the battles of cancer. She works closely with Team Martina, an organization that was inspired by Martina McBride’s song “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”, off her 2011 album, “Eleven.” The song is about a young mother’s experience with breast cancer and the support of those who loved her through it. They raise money to try to assist in helping find a cure for cancer and to help those who are devasted by this ugly disease. We are more than honored to be able to donate to such a worthy cause. God always knows how to connect people for His glory. Thank You, Father God. We will continue to be available to serve You as You sine Your Light before us. We praise Your Holy Name. Amen.

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October 23, 2013

Hey…wanna know how many “hugs” have been given since God started Mission Snuggle through us?….how ’bout 13,538!!! “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.” For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends. (2 Corinthians 10:17-18). It is not what we do for God but what He does through us. Whatever He calls us to do, He will do it. All of heaven is behind us when we are obedient and operating in His will. More than anything, God wants a relationship with us. As we do the things set before us, He reveals Himself in mighty ways. (Check out some ‘hug’ stories). This builds our relationship to Him. This is pleasing to God.

As you know, we are waiting on our 501c3 approval. Thank you again to everyone who has donated money and prayers. The IRS is reviewing the paperwork and we look forward to a response very soon. When it becomes official many doors will be opened that have not been previously. Every step we have taken has totally been led by God in His Divine and Holy ways. That is how we know it is all from Him. God is doing something HUGE and we are bowing in service to Him. We are not sure what it will look like as it is unfolding however, we are praying for His guidance. We are obeying what He has told us (seeking 501c3 status). We are doing all we know to do (continuing collecting, processing and Laurel Park residents praying over them). We are waiting on The Lord to work out the details in His timing. With a truck load of faith we know He will tell us what to do next. We stand on His promises. “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16:3).

The plan is to collect many stuffed animals to supply churches all over so they can take them on mission trips around the world. This project is getting bigger and bigger. Many more hands and hearts are joining us. There is plenty to do for anyone who is interested. Please just let us know.

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D. U. C. K.

Do Unto Christ’s Kingdom


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God is expanding Mission Snuggle’s territory!

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, I am passionate about a ministry God has invited me to be a part of called Mission Snuggle. Briefly, it was inspired through my precious friends that are residents of Laurel Park Nursing Home. From the love in their hearts for children they started collecting stuffed animals for them through their prize choices in winning BINGO! That was about 4 years ago. Since that time we have collected and processed well over 12,000 new and gently loved stuffed animals “special hugs from God” that have been delivered locally and worldwide! Many of you have been huge volunteers and supporters that have made this possible. We thank you completely!

At this time, our ministry is asking for your help! We need to become an official, IRS 501c3 organization. This basically means that we will be a tax exempt organization, and that any donations made to us are tax deductible. In order to receive funding from major corporations, or funding through government or private grants, we need this exemption. The cost to file for this is $850. I am asking everyone I know to please give what you are able to allow this dream to grow. Even $5 is valuable to us! There is no amount too small. I would ask you to pray about it and give what you feel led to. If you are unable to donate at this time, that is ok! I simply ask that you pray for this ministry or, if you would like to have a stuffed animal donation drive please let us know. We can provide you with a special flyer to put on collection boxes. Then all you have to do is get them to us and we’ll do the rest. We are truly grateful for whatever you are able to do to support us in this endeavor!

If you are able to donate, please send checks made out to:

“Mission Snuggle” and mail to:

Mission Snuggle
PO BOX 1544
Stockbridge, Ga. 30281

Thank you all for your time and for considering supporting this far reaching and worthwhile ministry. I look forward to hearing from you!

Erin Kangiser
President and spokesperson
Mission Snuggle

We know God will provide and we are already praising Him for the many lives He has already touched and will touch through Mission Snuggle!

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Burden Bears

Hi Everybody! There are so many stories in my head that I must tell! God is really leading us through…stuffed animals! Can you believe that? Please believe that but MORE importantly BELIEVE HIM! He will do what He says He will do…rest assured. The latest inspiration has been that we have separated the teddy bears from all other animals….”set apart” means holy. Hummmm….maybe these teddy bears are holy! Anyway, we attach the ‘Burden Bear’ poem to each one. (see poem below) God shows us exactly who needs one. He is never too early or late. If you go to the “Hugs from God” tab, you’ll read many miraculous stories of His precious hugs. I’d better get busy and add them to our continuing story line…

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